Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Save vs. Spend

So I've been perusing the ShopBop new arrivals today, since they're having their big spring sale (PSA: use code SPRINGEVENT to save!) and finding things I like but don't love enough to justify spending the money. I then started thinking about how I can't ever really justify a big splurge on really anything, even if I absolutely love it, because I can think of a million more useful ways to spend the money or that it would be much more useful to save the money for later.

I saved every bit of money I got for my college graduation from friends and family. It's sitting in my savings account, just waiting. I know there isn't anything wrong with spending some of that money on something fun, but the knowledge that I would have to pay rent in April to my parents if I'm still living at home has made me overly cautious with money. The part of my brain that's fun says to go ahead and splurge on something as a treat to myself for graduating college, but the bigger, more rational, cautious part of my brain says save, save, s-a-v-e.

I know saving money is good and necessary and it's not a bad thing to save a lot. But I think there is a difference between saving healthily and continuously denying yourself things you love in order to save money...and lately I've been falling into that second camp. Will I feel financially secure enough to treat myself to something when I finally get a job? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'll feel secure enough but my overly cautious nature won't actually let me spend, even though there'd be a steady flow of income...I really don't know.

What do you do: do you save obsessively like me or are you more of a spender? Or are you more middle-of-the-road: saving a good bit but also treating yourself once in a while? I'm really curious!

Monday, February 25, 2013

What Kate Likes: Loeffler Randall

I was introduce (well, reintroduced) to Loeffler Randall shoes this past summer at my internship. I'd heard about the brand before, and had looked them up and found a few pairs I'd liked and then forgotten about them until I fell hard for a pair of sandals that were for sale at work over the summer. They were perfect: nude leather, strappy, flat, well-made and high quality and best of all, had a huge flower on the toe. And of course, they were wayyy out of my budget.

Well I've been keeping tabs on the LR brand since then, and the new spring shoes are great. There's a little something for everyone, whether your style is classic, preppy, modern, funky or girly. I'm not much of a shoe girl, so if I'm raving about a brand of shoes or a particular shoe, that says something.

Felix Stacked Heel bootie
 Felix bootie: Ugh, these are so perfect. So sleek and the color is my favorite color for shoes/bags since it's so versatile and can be worn with literally anything. I would wear these into the ground.

Lulu Bow Sandal
Lulu sandal: These little sandals are a perfect blend of girly and edgy. The bow makes them sweet but the studs help keep them from veering into saccharine territory. And the nude leather means they'll go with everything.

Britta Cap-toe flat
Britta flat: Such an elegant take on the loafer trend. They're neutral enough to go with pretty much anything, but that shiny gold leather adds just the right amount of glamour and fun.

Tamsin Classic pump
Tamsin pump: The Tamsin comes in a ton of different materials and colors, but this aqua/cobalt fishskin pair caught my eye first. How springy is that color combo? I really don't think I could have a bad day if I looked down at my feet and saw these shoes. Also, from personal experience, the Tamsin heel is totally walkable and the shoe itself is really flattering.

PS: Did I mention they make amazing purses and bags as well?

PPS: in case you're sitting there thinking 'these are amazing, but Loe-what?' it's Leff-ler...and don't worry, I had no idea how to say the name either

Oscars Fashion

So last night was the biggest, most important night in Hollywood--the Oscars/Academy Awards. I didn't watch any of the red carpet coverage but I do have opinions on dresses, both good and bad, and really that's way more fun to go over than who won what, right?

Here we go!


 Sally Field: Possibly channeling a little Mary Lincoln, but she looks phenomenal. This is so chic and elegant and age-appropriate but not old/matronly and I really just want to be her

Naomi Watts: Sparkle, interesting neckline, sleek, nothing too frou-frou, relaxed hair and just-right makeup. I think she gets my Best Dressed vote!


Octavia Spencer: War Eagle to my girl Octavia. She always knows how to dress for her body without looking like she rolled around in a bolt of fabric. I wish this was a color, but I don't hate it as-is

 Jessica Chastain: She looks great, but I wish the color of the dress was just a touch darker. Her hair/makeup is ON POINT though

Jane Fonda: This is great. I love a unique, bold color for events because it's so different and really stands out. I'm also really loving longsleeved gowns right now. A little bit 80s, but I can dig it

Kelly Osbourne: I hate her hair color, but this dress is so pretty on her. I really like the sheer parts with the sparkles and the neckline/straps. Very nice.

 Charlize Theron: This is so sleek and structured. It doesn't come across in the photo, but the peplum had little pearls or beads or something all over, and it really just works for her. And that haircut is making me want to chop my own hair off!

As far as dresses I didn't like, I didn't like Anne Hathaway's at all. It was very 90s and not too flattering either. I wasn't a fan of Samantha Barks's look, but mostly because it just looked fine. If I was going to the Oscars, I would probably dress up a little bit more.

Just for fun, here's Bradley Cooper and his mama; I love that he brought his mom and took pictures with her, what a guy:

 all photos via The Cut

 On another Oscars-related note, if you were invited to the Oscars as a date or a nominee or really anything involving dressing up, what would you wear? I'm torn between this white Lanvin gown or this coral Badgely Mischka gown.

What gowns (or suits!) did you love? What did you hate? I'm so interested to hear!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Kitchen

If you're anything like me, you're already completely over winter weather and so ready for sunny warm spring weather. Spring is my favorite season, mostly because it has so much promise for 'new' things and new beginnings. And okay, I love spring colors a whole lot too, along with flowers and Easter candy and all of those happy spring things.

So imagine my excitement when I was just lazily browsing through the World Market website's Easter section and they had a million adorable little kitchen items that are so cute and springy, but would also carry that happy springtime cheer through the rest of the year.

Chick Measuring Spoons: This is so adorable, I don't even know what to do with myself. So so so cute! This beehive set of measuring cups is adorable too, but the little chickies just kill me.

Striped Mixing Bowl: If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I love stripes, so obviously this is a winner just because of the stripes, but I love the sunny yellow hue as well. So happy!

Ceramic Muffin Pan: This look so much more expensive than it is, and is a happy way to bake muffins or cupcakes or little tarts or really anything. So Anthropologie!

Bird Butter Dish: I have a thing for birds and turquoise, so this little butter dish is right up my alley. It would be so cute on a table for a dinner party or really just sitting in the fridge. The matching salt cellar is precious too.

 Paper Cocktail Napkins: Admittedly, these are a strange thing to find adorable, but I love the cheery, unique color combinations these come in. The pink/blue are probably my favorite, but the pink/red are a close second.

Blue Batter Bowl: I always forget about batter bowls until I'm making something that needs to be poured from the mixing bowl into a pan and I'm terrified of making a mess and losing any of the yumminess inside the bowl. This batter bowl would solve that problem for sure. I love how it also matches my favorite Anthropologie cereal bowls.

I think some of these goodies are going to make their way into my kitchen, just to brighten up my daily cooking! They're all so happy and cheerful, I don't think I could have a bad day cooking with them.

this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I think being unemployed and looking for a job is making me kind of insane. I'm absolutely sick of waiting around to hear back from companies, checking my email obsessively to see if I possibly missed an email from one of them, or just waiting by the phone.

I feel like I have all of these plans that can't quite be set into motion yet because I'm waiting until I have a job to do X or visit Y or see Z. Even shopping isn't really fun because I keep finding things that would look so cute in my dream apartment, not to mention the fact that I don't have much money.

I've toyed with the idea of joining a gym or a class or getting a part time job, but what if I get a call tomorrow that I've gotten a job and will be moving away? What if I get a call next week?

Even my parents aren't helping--they keep asking me 'have you heard from X about that job? Have you emailed? Have you called?' yes, yes, and yes and asking me every day is not going to change that. I'm tired of feeling like I'm annoying the heck out of HR departments by keeping weekly contact, since it's out of my hands now and in theirs.

I hate feeling so helpless and out of control and I hate just waiting. I think some people (better people) would see this as an opportunity to learn patience and how to relinquish control and how to relax (none of which are my strong points), but I just can't. I'm stuck in this limbo of not knowing, but already having done everything I could, but it's not enough...it sucks.

I think any optimism or positivity or patience or hope I had at the start of this has already worn out...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NYFW: Joie, F'13

I know Joie for their unfussy, streamlined basics. Nothing's ever too froufrou or over the top, just good basic clothes with just enough detail to not be boring. Clothes for real life.

This year, they put on their first NYFW show, and judging by what I saw on Instagram of the venue, it was so beautiful--lots of crystal, candlelight, an old ballroom. Let's look at the clothes themselves.

a "blank slate" for accessories and shoes, if you will

cozy chic

this dress would be so great and easy

I love this whole look

The universe is telling me I need brocade pants

My dream leather jacket--not too tough or embellished


I'm typically not a huge fan of black and white looks, but these just work. Something about their utter simplicity is really attractive and I just love how crisp everything looks while still remaining comfortable and easy.

See everything Joie showed here and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYFW: J Crew, F'13

Ahhh J. Crew. One of my closet staples, and probably yours too. I know Jenna Lyons gets all the credit for everything that the company does (and it's well-deserved), but I didn't even realize or think that there's an actual womenswear designer behind each line who is tasked with coming up with new ideas that then inspire a whole bunch of new ideas at more mass-market retailers until I read the style.com recap of the show.

Tom Mora is the person we have to thank for our J Crack obsession, plus Jenna Lyons, plus Gayle (the head stylist)...basically I want to send flowers to the entire staff at J. Crew and thank them for all of their hard work and for making me want to spend my money on everything they ever put on a runway, in a catalogue, or on a website.

J Crew does slouchy-chic so well

this whole look screams AUBURN FOOTBALL GAME to me and I'm totally on board


The very definition of a statement piece

Classic J. Crew

Separately these could both be statement pieces if everything else was kept simple

I'm selfishly loving that blue is all over their collection because I look really good in blue. And I now need brocade pants

Classic work outfit made special

Of the full 32 looks, what pieces are you excited to see in stores in the fall? What do you already have your eye on?

all photos via style.com

NYFW: Milly F'13

So it's been a while since my last NYFW post. I've had time to leisurely click through collections and breathe and not feel like I have to get up posts right.this.second and can instead focus on and highlight my absolute favorites.

And of all the designers out there, Michelle Smith, the designer of Milly, is probably my #1. I just love her aesthetic: clean lines, bright fun colors, sexy but not overly so, fashion that's sophisticated and sleek but still feminine and fun without being twee. I can always find at least one (usually more like ten...) piece in each collection that I fall hard for and then obsess about and stalk on the Internet, hoping and praying it falls into my price range in my size. I love that she designs clothing that's what she personally wants to wear and designs Milly Minis (a whole post in itself!) for her daughter Sophia and ends each runway show with Sophia running up the runway and jumping into her arms. Obviously I am slightly obsessed.

Moving on to this fall's collection: Michelle was inspired by New York City and all its glam and flash and life. There's plenty of texture and color, but everything looks comfortable and just cool, in that effortless New York way.

 All together, this looks like a ball of what, but let's deconstruct: pink jacket would be so good with jeans or dresses, the silver metallic shirt would be just enough underneath a jumper-type dress or a sweater vest, the leather trimmed top would be great with a plain old pencil skirt or jeans, and the bright cobalt skirt would be so fun for going out

I'm crushing hard on that skirt and jacket and secretly the hat too...

I predict we'll all see that sweatshirt on Pinterest with skinny jeans and sky-high heels and a sleek ponytail in like 4 months...because that's how I'd wear it

That sweater/coat looks sooo cozy, and I love buffalo plaid

The top half of this outfit needs to get in my closet ASAP

Yes to all.

I also need this skirt to spice up all of my boring black tops

And I need this whole outfit as well

We'll add this to the list of 'needs' too

So perfect for Christmas and holiday parties

I would also like Michelle's skirt and Sophia's dress, but in my size

I'm so excited to see the collection out in the fall and available for purchase. I'm already dreaming up ways to wear that hologram/metallic blouse in any of the colors, as well as the city lights-print skirt. Check out all 44 looks here and share your thoughts!

all photos via style.com

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Hello friends! I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA over the weekend/past few days, my parents and I took a super last-minute trip to San Antonio to watch my cousin and the Air Force Academy baseball team play against UTSA. It was so much fun to hang out with my cousins and laugh and just have a great time, and even better that I got to see one of my BFFs for a bit while I was there too!

As great as the weekend was, it was so much better to be home and in my own bed last night. This week I'm planning on finishing up NYFW and possibly starting London Fashion Week. I also have to catch up on last night's Downton Abbey episode (no spoilers, please!!) and just made a ton of homemade granola to snack on while I watch and blog and live. All of these things make me happy.

What were your weekend plans? What's making your Monday a little bit brighter?

*in case you were wondering, no, I don't read or speak Spanish at all, I found the picture on Pinterest, but that's the original source...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Where are the Boys?

I've spent the majority of today looking up menswear blogs and guy style/fashion blogs for a little bloggie feature and I've come to one realization: there are very, very few blogs out there dedicated to a guy's daily style. The few that I found are pretty avant-garde, or more experimental than your average Joe's wardrobe.

Where are all the guys in blogging? Why are so few of them turning the lens on themselves and showing off their style? There's probably a million female style and fashion bloggers out there, myself included, but where are the dudes?

I personally would love to read a blog about what a guy wears every day and why. I think it's fascinating seeing how men shop compared to women, and what they think about vs what we think about when we purchase pieces. I find it completely endearing when a guy tries on multiple outfits to figure out what to wear for a certain occasion (and then keep that in mind when I'm doing the same thing a few days later and causing a guy to wait for me).

The few blogs I've found that are more outfit-related and less product/brand related tend to be written by 30-somethings, instead of 20-somethings. Why is that? Are younger guys scared that they'll be considered "unmanly" if they write about fashion?

If you know of any great daily style blogs written by guys in their 20s, let me know! I'll even settle for an Instagram feed that's heavy on daily style pictures. Or if you have an exceptionally stylish man friend who just always looks smashing, no matter the occasion, pass his contact info along to me for my feature!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Remember how awesome Valentine's Day was in elementary school? When you had all of those paper valentines and strategized about who got what and how you had to give the best valentines to the best people, but maybe not the cute boys because you didn't want them to know you liked them? Those were the days.

This Valentine's Day, I have no plans, other than eating my fair share of chocolate candy, but all of you sweet readers are my valentines. Just know that I would give all of you THE BEST paper valentines if I could--the ones with glitter and candy.

How are you celebrating this day of looooove?