Monday, February 25, 2013

What Kate Likes: Loeffler Randall

I was introduce (well, reintroduced) to Loeffler Randall shoes this past summer at my internship. I'd heard about the brand before, and had looked them up and found a few pairs I'd liked and then forgotten about them until I fell hard for a pair of sandals that were for sale at work over the summer. They were perfect: nude leather, strappy, flat, well-made and high quality and best of all, had a huge flower on the toe. And of course, they were wayyy out of my budget.

Well I've been keeping tabs on the LR brand since then, and the new spring shoes are great. There's a little something for everyone, whether your style is classic, preppy, modern, funky or girly. I'm not much of a shoe girl, so if I'm raving about a brand of shoes or a particular shoe, that says something.

Felix Stacked Heel bootie
 Felix bootie: Ugh, these are so perfect. So sleek and the color is my favorite color for shoes/bags since it's so versatile and can be worn with literally anything. I would wear these into the ground.

Lulu Bow Sandal
Lulu sandal: These little sandals are a perfect blend of girly and edgy. The bow makes them sweet but the studs help keep them from veering into saccharine territory. And the nude leather means they'll go with everything.

Britta Cap-toe flat
Britta flat: Such an elegant take on the loafer trend. They're neutral enough to go with pretty much anything, but that shiny gold leather adds just the right amount of glamour and fun.

Tamsin Classic pump
Tamsin pump: The Tamsin comes in a ton of different materials and colors, but this aqua/cobalt fishskin pair caught my eye first. How springy is that color combo? I really don't think I could have a bad day if I looked down at my feet and saw these shoes. Also, from personal experience, the Tamsin heel is totally walkable and the shoe itself is really flattering.

PS: Did I mention they make amazing purses and bags as well?

PPS: in case you're sitting there thinking 'these are amazing, but Loe-what?' it's Leff-ler...and don't worry, I had no idea how to say the name either

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