Monday, February 4, 2013

For the Boys

Valentine's Day is coming up super soon, and if you're dating a lucky man (or married to one!), you may need a few gift ideas. These are all things that I would buy a special guy in my life--things that he may have already had his eye on, didn't know he needed, or are special enough to make him feel loved without being in-your-face gushy about it.

1. Rules for being a Gentleman print: A nice reminder for your guy, especially if you frame it first.
2. Leather flask: Paired with a bottle of his favorite liquor, I don't think any guy would turn this down. Extra points to you if you get it embossed with his initials!
3. Travel shoe care kit: Maybe your dude just bought himself a slick new pair of shoes that he's been lusting after for a long time. This kit is the perfect way to keep them looking pristine forever. Also good for guys whose shoes maybe need a little TLC.
4. Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses: Classic, streamlined and totally essential. (These also look good on women as well...if you're looking to treat yo self...)
5. Monogrammed leather key fob: The monogram makes this gift way more personal than just a random key fob...and it's inexpensive enough to be an add-on to any other gift or a "just right" gift if you haven't been together too long.
6. Silver tie clip: An ideal accessory if your guy wears a tie to work each day. Classic and minimal enough to not be too flashy, but still stylish and chic.
7. Cashmere v-neck sweater: Everyone loves cashmere. Buy his favorite color, a color that makes his eyes look amazing, or a basic neutral--I don't think you can go wrong. Also monogrammable for a personal touch.

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