Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYFW: J Crew, F'13

Ahhh J. Crew. One of my closet staples, and probably yours too. I know Jenna Lyons gets all the credit for everything that the company does (and it's well-deserved), but I didn't even realize or think that there's an actual womenswear designer behind each line who is tasked with coming up with new ideas that then inspire a whole bunch of new ideas at more mass-market retailers until I read the style.com recap of the show.

Tom Mora is the person we have to thank for our J Crack obsession, plus Jenna Lyons, plus Gayle (the head stylist)...basically I want to send flowers to the entire staff at J. Crew and thank them for all of their hard work and for making me want to spend my money on everything they ever put on a runway, in a catalogue, or on a website.

J Crew does slouchy-chic so well

this whole look screams AUBURN FOOTBALL GAME to me and I'm totally on board


The very definition of a statement piece

Classic J. Crew

Separately these could both be statement pieces if everything else was kept simple

I'm selfishly loving that blue is all over their collection because I look really good in blue. And I now need brocade pants

Classic work outfit made special

Of the full 32 looks, what pieces are you excited to see in stores in the fall? What do you already have your eye on?

all photos via style.com

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