Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pack Pack Pack

image source unknown

Tomorrow I'm off to Tampa for a very quick trip for an interview, so today is all about packing and figuring out what to wear and how to pack it all in a carry-on and a Longchamp tote. I'm not succeeding too well, but I just cannot handle the idea of checking (and paying to check...) a bag for an overnight trip! How did people travel back in the old days???

Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday!


  1. good luck on your interview!!
    I've packed for three weeks in a carryon and a backpack so I promise you it's possible. I hate paying for a checked bag too!

  2. I ALWAYS think about this when I watch old movies and see these incredibly chic women travelling with nothing more than a train case! Like, what?

    Good luck on your interview, that is so, so exciting!

  3. yaay! have fun! hope it goes well!


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