Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi there. It's been quite a while since I last blogged about anything. I wish I could say that it was because of something cool and interesting, but really I've been completely busy with work. How boring and unoriginal, right? Ha.

Anyway. I have exciting, somewhat sad news. Little Oscar and I are moving in a little less than three weeks! We're still staying in Atlanta, but we're moving to a new apartment. It's smaller (studio vs. my current 1br) and more expensive, but quite a bit nicer than my current place. I'm excited to deal with the challenge of arranging my furniture in a single open space and still feel like I have separate "rooms". I'm intrigued by the possibilities for maximizing storage and style in a small space. I'm starting to narrow down my possessions to ones I truly love and use, so I can start fresh.

I will admit, it's a little sad thinking about leaving my current apartment. While there have been many less-than-happy moments in the past couple months, this little one-bedroom has been my home for the past year. It's the first place I've ever lived that's been truly my own. I'll miss a few things about this home: the crisp morning sun in the living room, the big windows with low sills that are constant Oscar hangouts, the open space, the closet that was Oscar's favorite spot to nap when he was a kitten.

It's very bittersweet right now...I'm beyond excited to leave this apartment itself for many, many reasons, but I'm also sad to leave behind the first stop on my journey in post-college, real world life.

And now back to packing boxes! I pinky swear to do a photo tour of the new place'll be good motivation to get everything done in a timely manner ha.

Friday, May 9, 2014

On Purpose

No doubt you've seen and heard about the Spade brands' new endeavour On Purpose around blogs lately. BUT if you haven't, here's a little background.

Kate Spade, Jack Spade and Kate Spade SATURDAY are all partnering with artisans in Rwanda for limited edition collections for each brand. The end goal of the collaboration is for these artisans to have the skills and knowledge to become a supplier in the global industry. The companies will then find new artisans and repeat the training.

As someone who works for a company that employs artisans, this is really interesting to me. I've talked a lot with my boss about the artisans in India who handcraft our products, what production is like, what their lives are like, how they got started and basically everything under the sun related to our artisans. It's fascinating to me how much industry is concentrated in one tiny area. We think of our first world countries being so essential to the global economy, and we're definitely important, but I think that artisans and the people who are doing the small, tedious, under-glorified jobs are the people who are really essential. For example, for the earrings my company produces and wholesales, there's someone whose specific job is to attach ear wires to the earrings. I've had to reattach ear wires a few times and let me tell you, it's hard and not wholly enjoyable. Imagine doing that day in and day out, every single day. I personally could not do it and I commend them. I also am grateful for the engravers who hand-engrave our products, without any sort of guide or template.

I think that helping these people gain the knowledge, skills and empowerment to work on a global scale is really exciting. And, going back to the Kate Spade brands, it doesn't hurt that the products are so cute either. Typically, socially-conscious products are rather hippie and "earthy" for my taste...these products are definitely part of the Kate Spade aesthetic.

Take a look...

Kate Spade "On Purpose" Friendship Bracelet (other adorable colors/patterns available!)

So totally cute and not at all cheesy. I'm kinda in love...and can't wait for more!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Met Gala 2014

Let's talk about the Met Gala for a minute, shall we? This year's theme was Charles James, a designer from the 50s who is known for the exquisite, intricate construction of his gowns. He was famous for structure and 3D fabric sculpting, if you will. His most famous gown design is the Four Leaf Clover gown...and it's one of my favorite gowns ever. So simple, but so stunning in its simplicity.

Four Leaf Clover gown, via The Met (read more about Charles James here)

I was really looking forward to seeing huge, retro-esque structured dresses and dramatic swathes of fabric everywhere...and I was a little bit let down. There was plenty of pretty, but really only a few gowns that channeled Charles James's artistry.

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa: Really the only gown that I saw that is truly a Charles James-type of creation. All of that structure is amazing and while I don't necessarily love the 3D flowers, the floral fabric is so beautiful. I bet it's hand-painted. THIS is what couture should look like and how much attention to detail should be paid to a custom, haute couture gown.

Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung: You could probably argue that this is what Charles James would design if he was alive and designing now in 2014. It's sleek and sophisticated, but still structured and elegantly constructed. I wish the lining was a deeper shade of pink for a bit more fun, but I don't hate it as-is.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta: Her hair was bizarre, but this dress is soooo pretty! It has that 50s style to it, but it's still modern.

 Sarah Silverman: Of all the people you'd expect to see in a huge, princessy ballgown, Sarah Silverman isn't one of them. I like that she's wearing something unexpected and that color is so good on her! I'm really loving the bodice detailing and the structured pleating of the skirt...can you imagine how many yards of fabric are in that skirt alone?

Other dresses that I liked but didn't necessarily fit the theme:
Emma Stone: I really just love that skirt and want it in my closet ASAP

Karlie Kloss: Borderline obsessed with that makes a basic silhouette into something gorgeous

Blake Lively: So Old Hollywood and glamorous...she looks amazing!

Emmy Rossum: I covet that fabric so springy and cheerful. Printed gowns are my favorite.

I feel like there were so many blah dresses and so many "edgy" dresses on the red carpet...why not go with the theme and do a total ballgown? I'm underwhelmed.

Photos via Huffington Post

Monday, May 5, 2014

H&M Happy

I don't shop at H&M for clothes very often, but I do shop browse their home goods pretty frequently. The other day I just randomly clicked on over to their clothing and found SO many cute things! H&M in real life is completely stressful for me, so I much prefer their streamlined and you don't have to deal with poking through messy piles of clothes to find your size.

Draped top, $24.95: I'd wear this with bright skinny pants and flats to work...I love a good artfully-draped top!

Beach shorts, $12.95: Such a good idea for the beach...I dislike one-piece cover ups and would rather just wear shorts. These would also be cute pj shorts with a little tank!

Yoga tank top, $17.95: I'm trying to start going to yoga classes, so I think new yoga-specific pieces are a good way to motivate myself. This looks much more expensive than it is and comes in pretty pastels. Namaste, y'all.

Tasseled necklace, $17.95: I've said before how statement necklaces are not my thing...but this one is just too cute with the little tassels! It'd be the perfect little accessory to brighten up an all-white outfit.

Printed espadrilles, $17.95: These are definitely a few steps outside my comfort zone, but I just love the print. So cute with a pair of cutoffs and a slouchy white tee. Summery, casual, easy.

Pom-pom Pillow cover, $17.95: SO cute! I know a little cat who would probably destroy the pom-poms in a hot second, but these are the cutest pillows. One of my goals on my apartment decorating list is to buy new bedding...these may have to make their way to my house as they'll match my current bedding and whatever I get in the future. And how perfect would the pink be on my gray couch?!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Girls in White Dresses

Since yesterday was Easter (Happy late Easter, btw!) it's now officially okay to wear white jeans, white dresses and white shoes in the South. I know a lot of people think this rule is antiquated and old fashioned, but I like it. I like having an unofficial date to pull out all my summery makes it exciting :)

Anyway. I love white dresses but I have a hard time finding ones I like that I'd actually wear. In college, I always associated white with sorority initiation and then felt weird wearing a white dress anywhere that wasn't our initiation ceremony. Now that I'm post-college, I think it's time I came back to the white dress fold. There's just nothing as crisp or fresh in the summer and no better way to show off a tan!

(real talk: one of the (many) reasons I'm excited to get engaged is to find the perfect white dresses for engagement parties and showers and all of those fun events. if you're engaged, hopefully this little listie is helpful!)

Little White Lies dress, $170: so cute for a shower or church!

Textured Shift Dress, $68: This is definitely my style--crisp and minimal but still comfortable, easily dressed up or down

The Rope Eyelet Tunic dress, $198: Summer in a dress

Mudslide dress, $174: Perfect for every occasion, a literal blank canvas for accessorizing (or not)

Embellished Eyelet dress, $129: The accessorizing's already done for you! So easy!

Lace Cutwork Dress, $110: Obsessed. Such a delicate fabric in an unfussy, easy shape.

Santa Monica Crochet Dress, $50: As much as I love breezy dresses like this, I'm definitely not boho enough to pull them off. This is just so summery and easy...and the price is perfect.

Hazel Tiered dress, $50: I'd pair this dress with a tiny gold necklace or earrings, a wavy ponytail and flat sandals for a post-beach dinner. So pretty and simple.

Janice Shift dress, $188: If I was a bride-to-be, this would be the dress I'd choose for all of my events. Versatile and flattering with just a touch of sparkle.

There are so many good white dresses out there now...I want them all!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 Dress, 2 Ways

I find myself wearing the same few items each summer in the same ways. While it's nice to have a fall-back outfit, I get really bored with my clothes really quickly. In an effort to shake up my closet, I'm going to start coming up with multiple ways to wear a single piece...hopefully both you and I will get some much needed inspiration!


How cute is this Zara dress?! You know I'm a big navy stripes fan, so this dress is something I'd wear a zillion times. I think this could easily be dressed down (shopping, running errands, brunch) or dressed up a little (casual wedding, night out with friends, backyard party).

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Shoe Wishlist: Espadrilles

I'll admit, I wasn't a big espadrille fan until a few years ago. Maybe it's because the rope sole is so inherently casual, maybe it's because they're typically blah colors, but they weren't high on my list for a long time.

However, espadrilles have totally become an It thing in the past couple years. I bought a pair of red ones about two years ago and they've become my go-to shoe in the spring and summer. I'm actually sad when it comes time to put them away in the fall. I rounded up a few pairs of espadrille shoes that I'm loving and contemplating adding to my closet.

Castaner "Carina", $195: I have these in red and I cannot tell you how much I love them. The wedge is the perfect height and they're so comfortable I can wear them all day walking around. The canvas is breathable and the ankle ties are so cute! I definitely need this beige pair since I wear my red ones so much. A note on fit: the front part does tend to stretch out with wear, so I'd go a size down if you're in-between sizes!

Ugg Australia "Lucianna", $150: Navy. Striped. Wedge. Espadrilles. That's basically summer in a shoe, right? These are absolutely adorable and the only pair of Uggs I'd ever consider cute haha

Castaner "Balbina", ~$260: These are pricey, but definitely an investment shoe. My Castaners have held up remarkably well for the incredible amount of wear they've gotten, so these leather ones would more than likely last even longer. The shape is classic, the color is understated and would go with everything, and the brand itself has been around since 1927--all things I look for in an investment.

Zara Shiny Leather Espadrille, $69.90: The perfect shoe for throwing on with shorts and a tank to go run errands, to take to the beach, or to wear with cuffed, destroyed jeans and a slouchy t-shirt. Something about these is just so effortless and cool to me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hi! Bye!

 {found here, original source unknown}

Happy Friday! Today is an especially happy Friday for me because I have a half day of work and then I'm headed off to Florence, Alabama to celebrate one of my college roommates marrying the man of her dreams! I'm practically giddy about the idea that I have two blessed days away from work and can spend them with some of my favorite people. Also on my list for the weekend: spending the morning at Ivy Green, Helen Keller's house...something that's been fascinating me since childhood and visiting Billy Reid's HQ in Florence.

{found here}

 Can't wait to see these lovely ladies!

 {found here}

Have a lovely springy weekend! I'm so happy it's finally getting warmer!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Shoe Wishlist: Sneakers

I live in sneakers during the warmer months. I am totally weird about my feet getting dirty, so flat sandals are a "no" for me personally. Sneakers are the answer. Thankfully, it's now "cool" to wear sneakers so there are quite a few cute options out there. I've listed a few favorites below, but I'm always on the lookout for more! If you see any cute sneaks, send them my way!!

Zara Perforated Leather sneakers, $89.80: Edgier than I typically go, but I would wear these with skinny boyfriend jeans, a silky tank and a loose braid for a concert, or shorts and a slouchy tee for everyday wear. Perforations mean breathable shoes for hot days!

Tretorn "Nylite" in Chambray, $70: I have a total aversion to all-white sneakers because they get dirty so quickly, but darker sneakers look weird in summer. These chambray sneaks are perfect--a warm-weather fabric that'll look good with colored shorts, white pants or jeans. The rose gold logo is a perfect little detail!

Boden "Dotty Canvas Plimsolls", $58: Obviously I love the orange and navy combination, but these are just fun sneakers! So springy and happy!

Joie "Otis" oxford, $325: Obviously not a sneaker, but perfect for times when a sneaker is too casual (i.e. work). These would also be super cute with dresses and would work in the fall and winter too, so that price tag is a bit more reasonable if you break down all the ways you could wear them. Another investment piece and one that I'm always looking for.

Jonathan Adler for TOMS "Classic" in Yellow, $59: One of my favorite JA prints on a shoe? Sold. These just scream "spring" to me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apartment Decorating: The Extras

I've mentioned that I'm furnishing and decorating my apartment a few times (here and here), but until I really got into the process, I didn't understand what a challenge it is to find cute, stylish pieces that really are affordable. So often I see things like a $2000 couch or a $150 throw being touted as "affordable"...which isn't what I consider affordable at all.

Probably about 95% of my apartment furniture is from IKEA. I knew what I wanted to spend more on (couch, bedroom furniture) so I could save a little money on items that won't be used nearly as heavily (desk, desk chair). I agonized over a couch, driving both Matt and myself insane in the process. At one point, I literally handed him my laptop, told him my budget, and let him pick out my couch because I just could not do it anymore. Thankfully I like and approve of his choice...even though it's still in the box because I can't find the time to put it together.

Now that all the big pieces are set, I can finally get down to the fun part: decorating! I've been mixing together pieces from big box stores and things I've had for years.

Here are a few things I have my eye on to tie things together...

 Patterned throw, H&M, $34.95: I bought some gray and aqua pillows at Marshalls, so I think this throw is the perfect way to add a little bit more color and pattern to my couch, while also keeping cat fur off the upholstery. At $35, it's not terribly expensive or precious, so if little claws create a snag or two, I won't mind as much.

"Vivan" curtains, IKEA, $9.99 for set: There is literally no way I'm going to invest in a pricey pair of curtains that'll probably get torn up by a cat. These are airy, light, and breezy and the price point is perfect--I can replace them as needed without feeling too guilty.

Silvered Mirror knobs, Anthropologie, $8-10 each: While there's nothing wrong with the current knobs on my furniture, these mercury glass knobs are so much prettier. Why not add a little understated sparkle to a plain dresser? #totalsplurge

Pink Magnolia candle, Target, $8: Nothing makes me happier than a fresh-smelling apartment, and this candle is light and fresh but also floral. So welcoming and homey!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Shoe Wishlist: Wedges

I love a good wedge in the spring and summer. I'm especially picky about wedges though...they need to have the right ratio of heel to platform and the right amount of foot coverage. Just as a matter of personal preference, I like wedges that have a heel cup and an ankle strap, as I tend to roll my ankles inward when I walk. An ankle strap makes my foot a bit more stable.
Kork-Ease "Gracen", $150: The perfect black wedge--not too much strap to be overpowering but a solid black heel. Yes.

Boden "Holiday Wedge", $108: A little bit lower of a wedge. I like the simplicity and the contrast of leather and jute! PS: it also comes in adorable polka dots!

Michael Kors "Josephine", $150: This is my favorite, surprisingly! I think it's a perfect neutral shoe that could go with so many different things...I've had it in my Nordstrom cart online for a while now and I think I'm going to have to pull the trigger soon.

ShoeMint "Sammie", $79.98: A bit more visually interesting, thanks to the different textures in the heel and the crossed straps. This would be so cute with sundresses!

I started making a Spring Shoe Wishlist but it became way too long for one post, so stay tuned for a few more looks at shoes I'm currently loving!