Saturday, February 9, 2013

NYFW: Kate Spade F'13

Who doesn't love Kate Spade? I'm sure you've all seen a million Instagrams and posts about this collection from bloggers who were there in person, because I sure have, but viewing the collection as a whole is different than seeing bits and pieces through someone else's lens.

As usual with KS, there are pieces I want wholeheartedly and pieces I can do without. Some of it is a bit twee and too much for me, but other looks I would seriously add to my closet as-is right this second. The bright yellow is an eh color for me, so I'm hoping that another color is an option once this collection hits stores.

I'll take this entire look right now. SO CUTE. the model's makeup is perfect too.

The chicest way to wear leopard pants I've ever seen

I'll take that coat and that hot pink clutch!

that bow blouse is INSANE but I love it so much...same with the pink tote!

those pants were made for holiday parties

dying to see what the dress looks like without the coat...

candy print dress!!!!

donuts + polka dots x 2 = yes (fashion math!)

Honestly, I was so focused on the clothes I mostly forgot to look at the shoes, purses and jewelry in the looks as well. Check out all the looks here and let me know what you're loving or not!

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