Friday, February 8, 2013

NYFW: Juicy Couture F'13

Wednesday officially kicked off Fashion Week in NYC, and I spent the majority of Friday catching up on coverage...and will continue to catch up on coverage of my favorite lines/designers until the end of London Fashion Week.

I obviously don't have the budget to buy clothing straight off the runway, nor do I routinely buy pieces from the Big Names In Fashion, but I enjoy seeing the creativity of each designer as well as the trends that we can expect in upcoming seasons. It's overwhelming to look at photos from, so I limit myself to my favorites...which I'm then passing on to y'all with my takes and picks and ideas.

First up: Juicy Couture. Juicy has become known for their track suits, which is a shame because their real clothing is so cute. The collection as a whole is fun, colorful and doesn't take itself too seriously--which are all things I love.

I will take this entire outfit, please and thank you!

Love the white lace/knit with the cognac leather belt

I don't know if this is a romper or a dress, but it's adorable either way

Not 100% my style, but I love it just the same

I basically want this entire look and to wear it every day!

Perfect date night dress

So ladylike and perfect for so many occasions

See all 45 Juicy Couture looks here and let me know your favorites...I'm dying to hear what you think about this new direction for Juicy!

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  1. That's awesome! I could wear about 90% of that, which is really surprising to me! I do own "a" JC piece - just a dress. And I do love it, but this still is really great!

    1. Right?? I was so pleasantly surprised. I've liked a few JC pieces recently, but I think this is the first time that I've ever wanted to own practically everything they've shown. The leopard track suit is even kind of cute...

  2. Nice! I love that last dress especially.


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