Friday, February 15, 2013

Where are the Boys?

I've spent the majority of today looking up menswear blogs and guy style/fashion blogs for a little bloggie feature and I've come to one realization: there are very, very few blogs out there dedicated to a guy's daily style. The few that I found are pretty avant-garde, or more experimental than your average Joe's wardrobe.

Where are all the guys in blogging? Why are so few of them turning the lens on themselves and showing off their style? There's probably a million female style and fashion bloggers out there, myself included, but where are the dudes?

I personally would love to read a blog about what a guy wears every day and why. I think it's fascinating seeing how men shop compared to women, and what they think about vs what we think about when we purchase pieces. I find it completely endearing when a guy tries on multiple outfits to figure out what to wear for a certain occasion (and then keep that in mind when I'm doing the same thing a few days later and causing a guy to wait for me).

The few blogs I've found that are more outfit-related and less product/brand related tend to be written by 30-somethings, instead of 20-somethings. Why is that? Are younger guys scared that they'll be considered "unmanly" if they write about fashion?

If you know of any great daily style blogs written by guys in their 20s, let me know! I'll even settle for an Instagram feed that's heavy on daily style pictures. Or if you have an exceptionally stylish man friend who just always looks smashing, no matter the occasion, pass his contact info along to me for my feature!


  1. I have wondered this myself! Great post! Have a great day!


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