Monday, February 11, 2013

NYFW: Diane von Furstenberg F'13

I admire Ms. DVF so much as a person. Not only is she just a lovely individual, but she really is a champion for women all over the world and for their empowerment. She's been relevant in the industry since the 70s, but always manages to remain on top of new technology (remember the Google Glass video from the spring collection?). Her outlook on life is so optimistic and sunny. I follow her on Twitter, and I just love getting little nuggets of wisdom from her throughout the day.

Let's look at Fall's collection.

that coat is phenomenal.

So Studio 54

I love this. And that model's lipstick is so good!!

Together these pieces are kind of crazy, but I love them separately

 Umm YES.

PINK PANTS! Great top too.

I love those pants, but I love the model's smile even more. Such a welcome change from angry models.

Unusual color combination, but I enjoy it

So pretty

Obsessed with this color!!!

She is just adorable.

As always, see the entire collection here and tell me what you think!

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