Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYFW: Milly F'13

So it's been a while since my last NYFW post. I've had time to leisurely click through collections and breathe and not feel like I have to get up posts right.this.second and can instead focus on and highlight my absolute favorites.

And of all the designers out there, Michelle Smith, the designer of Milly, is probably my #1. I just love her aesthetic: clean lines, bright fun colors, sexy but not overly so, fashion that's sophisticated and sleek but still feminine and fun without being twee. I can always find at least one (usually more like ten...) piece in each collection that I fall hard for and then obsess about and stalk on the Internet, hoping and praying it falls into my price range in my size. I love that she designs clothing that's what she personally wants to wear and designs Milly Minis (a whole post in itself!) for her daughter Sophia and ends each runway show with Sophia running up the runway and jumping into her arms. Obviously I am slightly obsessed.

Moving on to this fall's collection: Michelle was inspired by New York City and all its glam and flash and life. There's plenty of texture and color, but everything looks comfortable and just cool, in that effortless New York way.

 All together, this looks like a ball of what, but let's deconstruct: pink jacket would be so good with jeans or dresses, the silver metallic shirt would be just enough underneath a jumper-type dress or a sweater vest, the leather trimmed top would be great with a plain old pencil skirt or jeans, and the bright cobalt skirt would be so fun for going out

I'm crushing hard on that skirt and jacket and secretly the hat too...

I predict we'll all see that sweatshirt on Pinterest with skinny jeans and sky-high heels and a sleek ponytail in like 4 months...because that's how I'd wear it

That sweater/coat looks sooo cozy, and I love buffalo plaid

The top half of this outfit needs to get in my closet ASAP

Yes to all.

I also need this skirt to spice up all of my boring black tops

And I need this whole outfit as well

We'll add this to the list of 'needs' too

So perfect for Christmas and holiday parties

I would also like Michelle's skirt and Sophia's dress, but in my size

I'm so excited to see the collection out in the fall and available for purchase. I'm already dreaming up ways to wear that hologram/metallic blouse in any of the colors, as well as the city lights-print skirt. Check out all 44 looks here and share your thoughts!

all photos via style.com

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