Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nesting, part 2

Are you tired of NYFW posts yet? Hopefully not, since I have more to come as the days progress. Can you imagine actually attending the shows and having to take notes for work? I'm sure everyone is exhausted!

To switch gears for a bit and focus on something that's not fashion, I've been dreaming about furnishing my very own teeny tiny apartment that is (hopefully, hopefully) in the very near future. When I was in Tampa on Thursday, we had a good chunk of time between my interview and when we had to be back at the airport, so my mom decided that we should spend that time at HomeGoods and looking at apartments "just in case" and now I'm pining away for a home of my own that I can decorate and furnish just how I want.

I'm leaning towards a mostly neutral palette for the entire apartment, with accents of coral and gray in the living room and turquoise, green and blue in my bedroom. I want it to be a little beachy and very comfortable, so you feel completely relaxed everywhere.

this is what my dream apartment looks like: creamy white walls with moldings, medium wood floors and tons of natural light

I love this headboard and want something very similar, only a bit less dramatic

seersucker upholstery? so cute

I'm also loving seagrass furniture as a way to bring some texture into a this doesn't look too heavy to move

I love the pattern in this rug...and it's on sale!

this bedding is so cute...I think I would do a solid white duvet/shams w/ the printed sheets

So many decisions, so many things I love...I can't wait to be settled somewhere so I can finally start furnishing and decorating!!


  1. I am so obsessed with interior decorating, and I've been going a little crazy looking for things for my new place. I love everything you picked out, especially the bedding in the last picture!

    1. Whoa--new place?? Are you in your own place then? How exciting! Congratulations!

      And isn't that bedding adorable?? I saw it in the Garnet Hill catalog and immediately fell in love. I'm kind of obsessed with tile prints and geometric prints and I just want everything to be printed...

  2. So light and fresh I love it. My favorite piece is that seagrass chair, it definitely coincides with your breachy feel. I wish I had more than just a dorm room to decorate!


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