Monday, May 6, 2013

The Holy City

I've been fascinated with the city of Charleston, South Carolina for a looooong time. I dated a guy who's from Isle of Palms (up there on that handy-dandy little map) and hearing him talk about his hometown made me fall a little bit more in love with the city itself. It's so quintessentially Southern--genteel and cultured but also a little bit rough around the edges. There's so much history, culture and iconic food there.

I had an internship opportunity in Charleston offered to me back in January (see this post), and while I didn't take it, I haven't been able to get Charleston off my mind. Since my job search is not going well at all, and the internship opportunity is still available, I've pretty much made up my mind that I'll be heading down to the Holy City in the very, very near future to apartment-hunt and look around.

So. I need some help from y'all. What should I see while there? Where should I live? What's a must-do, must-see, must-eat? I have a few friends in the city I'm planning on meeting up with, and I'll be there an undetermined length of time. I'm excited! If everything pans out, this will be a totally new adventure but one that feels so right.

all images from my friend Emily's amazing Charleston Pinterest board...definitely one of the things making me fall in love with the city!

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