Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keeping It Real


I know the whole blog world has a rep for only showing the picture-perfect parts of day-to-day life, which is fine, but I prefer to be more realistic. My life is not all sunshine and macarons, I don't wake up with fabulous hair or dress in designer clothing every day, I rarely Instagram my meals (unless it's a dessert)...I'm a normal person who has problems, bad hair days, lazy outfit days, everything that you have. I don't want to focus on the "bad things" in life, but sometimes it's good to get a reality check from a blogger and remind yourself that they're just like you.

How I'm keeping it real:
-I sunburned my legs last weekend (or a few weeks ago, I really don't know), and now not only are they extremely dry but they're also peeling. So sexy.
-I ate graham crackers for lunch yesterday. Just graham crackers.
-I've been letting my hair air dry for a few months now, but I blow dried and straightened it the other day and I barely recognized myself. Add in the makeup I was wearing and it's like I was looking at a whole new face. Such a strange feeling.
-I stayed up until 4 am the other night watching this BBC miniseries called North & South because I couldn't go to sleep until I knew how it ended.
-I still cannot figure out how to do a sock bun. I've watched so many tutorials and looked at so many pictures and I just can't understand.

How are you keeping it real?

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