Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mane Message

I know elastic hair-ties are the thing right now, and everyone is fiercely brand-loyal to their own favorite, but mine is definitely Mane Message. I've had both Emi-Jays and Twistbands, and the Mane Message ties are far superior.

Mane Message was started by Olivia Hayward a few years ago while she was still in college. Her business has exploded and she just moved Mane Message out of her house into its own workspace and studio. She hand-tiedyes all of her own hair ties and let me just tell you, they are gorgeous.

Olivia pulls together the prettiest packages and has such creative color combinations. The colors are vibrant and bright, but best of all (in my opinion): the hair ties don't stretch out as easily or as quickly as any of the other ties. They also grip hair better but don't leave a dent. Add in the fact that you're supporting a girl our age, doing what she loves, and it's a win-win situation.

I ordered the Sampler Package a few weeks ago and it's just great. I love all of the colors Olivia picked and the balance of the tie-dye and solids. I've been wearing the hair ties non-stop. My hair is very fine and silky and I often have problems with hair-ties falling out of my hair or loosening over time...I haven't had that problem at all with these ties. My one issue is that the headbands are a touch too big for my head and keep slipping off, but that's a problem I've had for years and is because my head is tiny.

this would be where pictures that I took of my own hair ties would go...if I was a good blogger.

I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer...I love supporting small businesses, young entrepreneurs and having great, stylish hair products :) Olivia also has a great blog that you can read here and follow her on Instagram for behind the scenes peeks!

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  1. Kate - Thank you so much for the great review! Your support means the world to me. Enjoy your hair ties. xox- Olivia


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