Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthro Addiction

Did I tell y'all I got a job? I'm working part-time in an adorable little activewear store in a ritzy, fancy shopping center/part of downtown Houston. Anyway, there's a J. Crew, an Anthropologie, a Sprinkles and a PaperSource all within walking distance of my work. Basically it's D-A-N-G-E-R for my wallet and paychecks.

I needed sunglasses for my drive home after my shift yesterday, so I popped into Anthro because they have inexpensive, cute ones. Obviously I had to look around a bit, and there is some seriously adorable stuff available right now. I could have bought everything.

Embroidered Gaillardia Cover-Up: so cute and would be perfect for the blazing hot Houston summers!

Primary Cardigan: such pretty, intricate embroidery! Navy + coral is such a perfect combination

Embroidered Sathya Top: such a saturated shade of blue. Stunningly gorgeous and so affordable!

Stitched Ionia Tunic: obviously embroidery and I are having a major moment. The picture doesn't do this embroidery justice at all, it's so beautiful in person and the purple is so rich and saturated. Love.

Windward Dress: I may have actually gasped when I saw this dress because it is SO cute (which is embarrassing). I'm definitely not one for overly themey outfits, but I am so drawn to this dress. It's adorable and made of such thick, textured fabric.

AG + Liberty Emma Romper: in pictures, you can't tell, but there's a very light floral pattern on this romper. It's extremely subtle, which I like, but keeps the romper from being a plain chambray/denim romper. And it's so soft!

I'm not even going to post all of the little accessories or home goods I loved, because this post would end up being overly long! If you're interested, I got these sunglasses, but these were a close second! I wish these came in sunglass form though, because they're perfect!

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