Friday, May 17, 2013

Tech Talk: Graphic Designer Needed!

Sometimes technology hates me. Like right now, for instance. Last night I was doing a check of my blog, to make sure everything looked good and was running smoothly, when I saw that my header, instead of having a clean white background had a dingy gray background. No idea where that came from, since I've double-checked that yes, the background on the image itself is white.

I've since spent multiple hours redoing the header, reuploading the header, trying different ways of saving the file and uploading it...and I still have an ugly gray background. Maybe I'm going slightly crazy and it really is white, but doesn't look it?

Ahhhh!!! I think this is just the little push I needed to get an actual designer to makeover this little blog. Anyone know of a good, inexpensive graphic designer or web designer???

On the other hand, I just figured out I can use gifs in technology is kind of cool.


  1. We used Gloria from The Little White Whale.
    Her prices are reasonable and we are very happy with our design.
    Your header background is back to white and looking great on my computer, if that's of any help!
    Good luck!

  2. I was having the same problem, but I uploaded my header to photobucket and then uploaded it using the URL to Blogger, and the problem went away.


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