Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites!

 who knew oranges could be so dramatically beautiful?

Just a few random favorite things from around the web for your Friday afternoon pleasure...have a lovely long holiday weekend!!

-Loving this dress for every summer event (seersucker! bows! on sale!)

-These shorts have gotten me thinking about cute gameday outfits...because it's never too early and you should always have a ton of outfits ready to go (this is normal, right?)

-The Ferragamo L'Icona shoots for the Vara shoes are so stunningly gorgeous...who could have thought such a simple flat could be worn in so many different outfits? Plus the customizable Varas and Varinas are just so fun!

-This little kitty makes my life so much brighter every day. I'm kind of's taken real restraint to not post a billion Nala pictures...

-This dress is my Memorial Day weekend dream outfit...I wish I could just magic it into my closet!

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