Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Minted Art Prints

 "Awning Stripes"--Kristie Kern

Minted is famous for their stationery and business cards, so I was clicking around their site the other day looking for business card design ideas, and I discovered that they have an entire section of art prints and it. is. fabulous!

 "In A Row"--Annie Clark

Every design is by an independent artist, and there are soooo many different styles of artwork to choose from. It's pretty much print heaven--there's typography prints, abstract prints, illustration prints, prints of paintings, photography...anything you want, you can find it on Minted. There's also an entire Custom Prints section that I didn't even explore!


I'm totally obsessed. I'm pretty sure that all of the artwork for my future apartment is going to come from here just because of the wide, but carefully edited, range of designs. You could easily put together a cohesive gallery wall, a cohesive diptych/triptych for a room, find artwork to coordinate with a color scheme, or find a perfect gift...all in one place!

"Out To Sea"--Carolyn MacLaren

"Peinture Brillante"--Design Lotus

"California Succulent"--LeeAnn Dougherty

My biggest problem will easily be narrowing all of the amazing designs to a few for my apartment! There's just so many I love!

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  1. Great pieces! I'm really loving
    "Peinture Brillante!"


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