Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apartment Decorating: The Extras

I've mentioned that I'm furnishing and decorating my apartment a few times (here and here), but until I really got into the process, I didn't understand what a challenge it is to find cute, stylish pieces that really are affordable. So often I see things like a $2000 couch or a $150 throw being touted as "affordable"...which isn't what I consider affordable at all.

Probably about 95% of my apartment furniture is from IKEA. I knew what I wanted to spend more on (couch, bedroom furniture) so I could save a little money on items that won't be used nearly as heavily (desk, desk chair). I agonized over a couch, driving both Matt and myself insane in the process. At one point, I literally handed him my laptop, told him my budget, and let him pick out my couch because I just could not do it anymore. Thankfully I like and approve of his choice...even though it's still in the box because I can't find the time to put it together.

Now that all the big pieces are set, I can finally get down to the fun part: decorating! I've been mixing together pieces from big box stores and things I've had for years.

Here are a few things I have my eye on to tie things together...

 Patterned throw, H&M, $34.95: I bought some gray and aqua pillows at Marshalls, so I think this throw is the perfect way to add a little bit more color and pattern to my couch, while also keeping cat fur off the upholstery. At $35, it's not terribly expensive or precious, so if little claws create a snag or two, I won't mind as much.

"Vivan" curtains, IKEA, $9.99 for set: There is literally no way I'm going to invest in a pricey pair of curtains that'll probably get torn up by a cat. These are airy, light, and breezy and the price point is perfect--I can replace them as needed without feeling too guilty.

Silvered Mirror knobs, Anthropologie, $8-10 each: While there's nothing wrong with the current knobs on my furniture, these mercury glass knobs are so much prettier. Why not add a little understated sparkle to a plain dresser? #totalsplurge

Pink Magnolia candle, Target, $8: Nothing makes me happier than a fresh-smelling apartment, and this candle is light and fresh but also floral. So welcoming and homey!

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  1. So other than our appearance, jobs, and location, you and I are basically the same person.

    I have that exact same candle in my apartment right now, that blanket is basically the same pattern as my duvet, and I LOVE those mirrored knobs. I cannot make a decision on a couch to save my life. Letting someone else pick it out is GENIUS. I am totally going to do that. Right now I have to pick out a new car, so the couch has to wait. And seriously, if I thought at couch was hard, picking out a car is like a BILLION times harder. And sooooooo much more expensive. Being a grown up costs so much!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your place (once you feel a little more settled!)


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