Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Shoe Wishlist: Wedges

I love a good wedge in the spring and summer. I'm especially picky about wedges though...they need to have the right ratio of heel to platform and the right amount of foot coverage. Just as a matter of personal preference, I like wedges that have a heel cup and an ankle strap, as I tend to roll my ankles inward when I walk. An ankle strap makes my foot a bit more stable.
Kork-Ease "Gracen", $150: The perfect black wedge--not too much strap to be overpowering but a solid black heel. Yes.

Boden "Holiday Wedge", $108: A little bit lower of a wedge. I like the simplicity and the contrast of leather and jute! PS: it also comes in adorable polka dots!

Michael Kors "Josephine", $150: This is my favorite, surprisingly! I think it's a perfect neutral shoe that could go with so many different things...I've had it in my Nordstrom cart online for a while now and I think I'm going to have to pull the trigger soon.

ShoeMint "Sammie", $79.98: A bit more visually interesting, thanks to the different textures in the heel and the crossed straps. This would be so cute with sundresses!

I started making a Spring Shoe Wishlist but it became way too long for one post, so stay tuned for a few more looks at shoes I'm currently loving!

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  1. ugh love these all. wedges are pretty much the only shoes i feel comfy in. i like being strapped in LOL


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