Monday, April 21, 2014

Girls in White Dresses

Since yesterday was Easter (Happy late Easter, btw!) it's now officially okay to wear white jeans, white dresses and white shoes in the South. I know a lot of people think this rule is antiquated and old fashioned, but I like it. I like having an unofficial date to pull out all my summery makes it exciting :)

Anyway. I love white dresses but I have a hard time finding ones I like that I'd actually wear. In college, I always associated white with sorority initiation and then felt weird wearing a white dress anywhere that wasn't our initiation ceremony. Now that I'm post-college, I think it's time I came back to the white dress fold. There's just nothing as crisp or fresh in the summer and no better way to show off a tan!

(real talk: one of the (many) reasons I'm excited to get engaged is to find the perfect white dresses for engagement parties and showers and all of those fun events. if you're engaged, hopefully this little listie is helpful!)

Little White Lies dress, $170: so cute for a shower or church!

Textured Shift Dress, $68: This is definitely my style--crisp and minimal but still comfortable, easily dressed up or down

The Rope Eyelet Tunic dress, $198: Summer in a dress

Mudslide dress, $174: Perfect for every occasion, a literal blank canvas for accessorizing (or not)

Embellished Eyelet dress, $129: The accessorizing's already done for you! So easy!

Lace Cutwork Dress, $110: Obsessed. Such a delicate fabric in an unfussy, easy shape.

Santa Monica Crochet Dress, $50: As much as I love breezy dresses like this, I'm definitely not boho enough to pull them off. This is just so summery and easy...and the price is perfect.

Hazel Tiered dress, $50: I'd pair this dress with a tiny gold necklace or earrings, a wavy ponytail and flat sandals for a post-beach dinner. So pretty and simple.

Janice Shift dress, $188: If I was a bride-to-be, this would be the dress I'd choose for all of my events. Versatile and flattering with just a touch of sparkle.

There are so many good white dresses out there now...I want them all!

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