Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Inspiration

"Overwhelmed" is definitely an understatement about how I feel right now. I have a wedding on Saturday, work two days this week, and somewhere in there, I have to go through all of my things and figure out what I can't possibly live without so I can pack it up in preparation for my move next week. So. Much. To. Do. And that's not even the end...

The quote above was something I pinned a while back and it really hit home for me yesterday. All of this stress and uncertainty and busyness is because of something really, really great: I'm starting a job I love and am really excited for.

I'm also taking this little quote to heart right now. Once I get through two days of work, I can concentrate on packing. Once I attend the wedding, I can focus more on enjoying my last few days with family. Once I finally get to Atlanta, I can focus on finding somewhere to live. Once I have somewhere to live, I can start looking for furniture. Baby steps.

And of course, this whole thing is a huge, scary, exciting adventure that's going to be totally worth it in the end. What adventures are you starting?

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  1. love these quotes and so excited for your big adventure. breathe in, breathe out. and don't worry you will get it all done!


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