Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Sneakers

I love sneakers for spring and summer. I get really anxious about my feet getting dirty when wearing sandals (weird, I know) so I usually wear sneakers or Toms so my feet stay clean and I stay anxiety-free. It's great that sneakers are "trendy" this spring too, since there are so many cute colors and patterns out!

Here are some of my sneaker picks...

1. Keds Champion in Teal: The classic sneaker, redone in a cheerful teal. These would be cute with white or dark jeans and a basic tee.

2. Keds for Kate Spade New York "Kick" in Orange Chevron: Um, how perfect is that chevron pattern?? Dying over how adorable these are. The KS polka dots are pretty cute, but I think these little chevron sneaks have stolen my heart!

3. Tretorn Nylite in Hot Coral: A little sporty, a little retro, totally classic. The coral color is so cute!

4. Milly for Sperry Topsider CVO in Confetti Print: These would literally go with every color, since the print itself is multicolored. So versatile!

 5. Lacoste L27 in Navy Gingham: Gingham is a spring/summer staple, so why not have gingham shoes as well?? So preppy!


  1. It is taking all my strength not to order the polka dot or gingham Keds for Kate Spade shoes. All. My. Strength.

  2. Question: Do you wear sneakers with skirts/dresses? Because I always WANT to (for the comfort factor alone) but I never quite feel right doing it. I end up wearing flip flops and flats all summer which is just hell on my feet.

    That being said, I love these!

  3. I've been wearing these blue sneakers that I've had for years here in Asia since it's already getting warm and now I'm just craving a bunch of brightly colored and patterend keds. I think I'm going to stock up in June while I'm in the US


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