Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flashback: Formals

So this past Saturday was my sorority's spring formal, and now that I'm an alumna of the chapter, it made me so nostalgic to see everyone's pictures on Facebook.

So...let's take a little walk down memory lane and relive some past formals, shall we? Spoiler: I wear a lot of J. Crew.

 Spring 2012...last formal ever. Wearing Cynthia Rowley (I think) and it was definitely a last-minute dress pick.

Hey Blakey.

I have such pretty friendssss!

Fall 2011. Wearing J Crew (duh). This picture is absolutely ridiculous...in the best way possible.

Fall 2011 again. Hi friends! I miss y'all!!!!!

It wouldn't be an Auburn formal without pictures at the Auburn sign!

Spring 2011. Not wearing J Crew...but only because I couldn't find a J. Crew dress in pink, white or silver.

I think I got ready in like literally 20 minutes...and I definitely look like it. A tan would have been helpful with my dress.

My little!

Fall 2011...Not a formal, but Navy Military Ball. Wearing Nicole Miller. I was (and still am) mildly obsessed with this dress! Hi Bennykins!

Fall 2008. Wearing J Crew. Awww so long ago. Some jewelry may have been nice.

Blast. From. The. Past. Hahahaha.

If you're wondering where Spring 2008, and anything from 2009-2010 was: I didn't go. I was studying abroad for the formal in spring 2010 and the others I had reasons that I forget.

I MISS FORMALS! And college!


  1. Your dress from senior year is absolutely stunning. I, too, am in a sorority and formals are one of my favorite things!

  2. Oh my goodness I miss this!!!!!! So many memories :)

  3. SO pretty! We never had formals at my college (and sororities aren't very big up here), and I so wish we had! The one year I did was the one I was studying in England, and it was fantastic! I love all of these dresses...I really think we need to invent more reasons to wear fancy dresses once we've graduated. :)


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