Friday, January 4, 2013

Rocks & Hard Places


I have a really tough decision to make: take an unpaid internship w/ a company I'm excited about and that would give me TONS and TONS of experience and that would probably let me start ASAP and I would be supporting myself completely with less than $5000 to my name right I keep on searching for a paid, full-time, stable job at a company I'm less excited about and would get work experience in one area, as compared to 5+?

I know the stable, no-risk option is to keep on looking...but a little voice inside me is telling me to take the risk, make the jump and just go. for. it. and the rewards will be infinitely bigger than the risk and everything will be taken care of.

Then on the other hand, another voice is telling me that as great as experience is, it doesn't pay bills and homegirl has to eat...and while everything will work out fine, there is a very real possibility that I'd be sleeping in a box on the side of the road before things work themselves out and I'd reach the level where things would be okay. And that is really really scary.

The verse pictured is what I am clinging to right now...the Lord has something planned for me and it's better than anything I could ever dream. Where does He want me? What does He want me to do? I know He'll provide for me and won't ever desert me, but that involves two things I am not good at: a) giving up control and b) trusting in Him completely.

Since I need a plan to survive (slight exaggeration), here's my plan: spend lots of time in prayer. I don't have the rest of it figured out, but I know prayer is the best place to start.


I'm living the very definition of that old saying 'between a rock and a hard place'. What would you do? Have any tips/advice? Anything?


  1. That is a tough decision! I've been wrestling with similar opportunities for the last few months, and my gut has been telling me to go for the experience over the paycheck, for now. I have the luxury of a parent who is willing to help me out, however, and it sounds like your situation may be a little different.

    Do you have any flexibility with the internship? ie, can you work three days a week instead of five, so you can have a part time job on the side?

    From what I can tell (and this is a Canadian perspective, so could be different) it is really, really hard to get hired out of college. I have tons of placement/co-op experience and it was still really hard. Being able to show that you can put in some effort with just the reward of experience can go a long way towards showing future employers that you are worth hiring.

    And usually, when you are working for free, people are more than willing to help you out in whatever way possible, either by writing reference letters or passing your resume around or helping you meet other contacts.

    Just my two cents though! Good luck with your decision :)

  2. Oh wow that's a tough decision! But you're right, the Lord will provide. He will not desert you. If I were you I would go with the unpaid internship and just go for it. I think it would be totally worth it. And you are also talking to the girl who moved to Asia after graduation so I'm all about a great adventure and risk. But you what, whichever path you choose you will be choosing what the Lord wants for you. Keep praying but eventually just jump and go for it : ) I am excited to hear what you decide!

  3. Congratulations on the opportunities!

    Just keep in mind that no matter what you choose, you're making you happy.
    Plus, in my experience, everything always works out in the end!


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