Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Y'all. How weird does 2013 sound?! I keep thinking about what people from the 1900s imagined when they thought about the year 2000, and now we're 13 years beyond that...and still no Jetsons-style flying cars. Maybe 2013 will be that year...

Anyway. How were your NYE celebrations? Mine was suuuuper fun! I went up to San Antonio and hung out with some lovely college friends and had an absolute blast and then spent all of yesterday hungover resting from the festivities and driving home.

ignore our demon eyes...

again, ignore demon eyes...

I am so excited for this coming year. I have a feeling that big (HUGE) things are on the very near horizon, both personally and professionally, and I am ready for whatever challenges or successes that are in store for me. I'm hoping to grow a lot and change and I'm very, very excited for it all. A bit nervous of course, since I am not change's biggest fan, but excitement outweighs nervousness.

I have plans for this little bloggie, but I'm also hoping that great unplanned things will happen with it as well. Yay 2013!!


  1. Yayyyy a mention AND a picture in this one!!! I'm honored :) So excited to see what'll happen to all of us this year!

  2. Replies
    1. It was SO fun!! I hope you had a great NYE too Amanda!


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