Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Day Spending Challenge--Update!

I first mentioned doing a challenge for myself of 30 days of only spending money on essentials--food, rent, utilities, things I absolutely NEED, etc. in this post about consumption.

I started my challenge on Nov. 1 and wanted to do a little update now that it's been 11 days. I've done relatively well, I think. My only "non-essential" purchases were a few books in the Austin airport and dinner out once last week because I was too exhausted to cook. I also purchased a few tees on StyleMint because they were running a BOGO sale (and that's a good deal)...but technically it "doesn't count" since I ordered them the 31st.

In order to clarify the hazy issue of the word "need", I mean things that are essential. Shampoo because I'm all out? Yes. New lipstick just because it's a limited edition color? Not so much. A warm cardigan because all of my others are worn through with holes? Yes, within reason. Dinner out with friends? This falls into the gray area and I'm going to give it a 'yes' because a) I really don't eat dinner out all that much, and b) if I can eat a meal while socializing with some of my favorite people, I would much rather do that than eat a meal while sitting at home alone.

I'm interested to see how the rest of the month goes...maybe I'll stretch this out for a few months next time!

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  1. Congrats on getting through your first 11 days of your 30 day challenge!! I'm glad that you are giving yourself grace in this and are allowing some grey area. Eating dinner with friends is so refreshing and can for sure, be worth the money.


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