Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Kate Wears: Job Interview

I have a job interview this weekend for a real post-grad job and I'm kind of freaking out but kind of excited. Actually, I have no idea how I feel about it, other than this week is going by TOO QUICKLY and I have a ton to do before I fly out Friday morning. Yikes.

I have to dress "business professional" two days in a row, and I'm already dreading the inevitable sore feet from wearing heels. Here's a little look at what I'm planning on wearing...

Shirt: Seriously one of my favorite shirts I own. It's cut slim but not tight, and long enough to tuck in and look polished. Plus the contrast collar and cuffs are so chic.

Blazer: With black pants, the blazer looks pulled-together and professional, but a little bit more relaxed than a full suit. It's also a good layer to stay warm on the plane and outside while not being bulky.

Pants: I love these pants. I have them in black and gray and wear them all the time. Comfy, stretchy, slim but not skin-tight, ankle-length (so Audrey!), affordable. What more could you need?

Heels: Corso Como heels are the comfiest. These have tons of padding and are perfect for those times when you have to walk a lot and still look nice.

For my actual interviews, I'm going to go extremely classic and conservative, just because you never know. I'll add a black blazer/jacket to the pictured outfit if I feel it's necessary, but couldn't find the one I have online.

Wish me luck, y'all!

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