Monday, March 10, 2014

At Peace


I realized the other day that I'm so very at peace with my life right now. Compared to the stress and anxiety of the past 6+ months, this is such a completely different, amazing feeling. I'm so thankful for all I have going on...

-I love my new job. While it's not what I want to do forever, it's perfect right now. I'm learning a ton about the wholesale side of the fashion/apparel/accessory industry and getting to experience some pretty cool things (apparel mart this past weekend, the possibility of traveling for work in the future). I'm settling in well and taking on responsibility and impressing my boss with how well I manage tasks, time, and learning new processes. It feels really good to not have to stress out about making a mistake and to leave work at work when I go home for the day.

-I don't really discuss relationships in this space, mostly because of my lack of them, but I've been seeing a great guy for a month-ish now. He's not perfect, which is totally okay because I'm not either, but he is patient and deals with my sometimes-craziness and takes it all in stride. He's so laid-back and easygoing that it's caused me to learn to let up a little bit on my planning and let things happen. I can text him a million different pictures of similar couches and he'll give me an opinion about each, even though he has more important things going on. Most importantly, he loves Oscar. He's escorting me to an event later in the month and possibly a wedding in April so I'll try to get some snaps of us :)

-Oscarcat is still the light of my life. He drives me crazy sometimes, but other times he looks at me with pure love in his eyes and my heart kind of bursts. #cheesybuttrue I've gotten used to him meowing at me to wake up, to his constant interest in what I'm doing, to him snuggling up with me when he's sleepy and ready for bed. I can't even imagine life without this little guy!

-I'm slowly making friends here in Atlanta. I'm also so thankful for my friends I've met through blogging, especially Kelsey because she'll be moving here to Atlanta in a few months and we can be real-life friends too! Wahoo!

-My family has been SO supportive and loving during all of this craziness and I literally could not have gotten through everything without them.

I'm so happy with everything right now, I almost feel guilty. But then I remember that it's wayyyy better to feel happy and at peace than the opposite. I've been living with so much anxiety and stress for so long that it's almost like I've forgotten how to be happy and normal...but I'm getting there.



  1. ive been worried about you ever since you emailed me a while back. so glad you're doing better. that invite to coffee is still wide open, too!

  2. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER. Seriously, it makes me SO happy that you are happy. Don't feel guilty, not even a little bit. You've had a really challenging year, and finally the challenges you're facing are the good kind, where you're moving towards something even better. Really, really happy for you :)


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