Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Kate Likes: Neiman Marcus x Target

You've heard about the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration, right? I've had today, the launch of the collaboration, marked in my planner since I first saw a preview of the pieces over the pathetic as that may be. I'm nearly always a fan of the Target collabs, mostly because I just love Target that much.

Anyway. This collaboration is definitely a new one for T, but I think it's a great direction for them to head in with future collabs. I think that the items all look to be high quality, but as I haven't seen them in person yet, I can't be 100% sure that they're worth the higher prices than Target usually charges.

Here are my picks...

This Tracy Reese sequined top is so pretty. It would be so versatile--throw it on with jeans and boots for a touch of glam for day, or skinny black pants and heels for a night out. I wish the back was sequined as well, instead of being solid blue fabric, but that's minor.

I love these Band of Outsiders cookie cutters! These would be such a fun little gift for a friend who bakes a lot or as a stocking stuffer. I'm already imagining all of the ways you could ice that little necktie...I may pick these up for myself :)

Have a Tory-obsessed friend? This thermos would be a perfect Christmas gift, paired with a box of hot cocoa or her favorite coffee. I love a good thermos, and this one is eye-catching enough that it wouldn't get lost in a cupboard or pantry. Such a chic way to keep your drinks warm...I'll also most likely be picking this one up!

Ahhh I love these Tracy Reese plates!!!! I am a total sucker for anything that's a) brightly colored, b) damask patterned, and c) a dessert plate, so obviously these plates check all of those boxes. I need want these so badly...and I have no use for them. These would be such a perfect hostess gift for your super-stylish friend who loves to entertain since you can never have too many plates. These would also be such an adorable wall decoration for a kitchen or living room as well.

When I say that I've been dreaming about this Lela Rose top since July, I'm really not exaggerating. I am obsessed with this top. It's everything I love in a top: delicate details, a sleeveless shape so it's seasonless and easily layered, lined, not cropped...perfection. I just emailed a link to this to my mom so she can "forward it to Santa" ASAP because I need this in my closet. This top would be great with skinny jeans and fierce booties, black pants and glittery heels, colored pencil skirts and neutral heels, a cardigan  and jeans...really the list is endless. LOVE.

You can see the entire collaboration here. What's on your list? Anything you absolutely need? I want to hear!


  1. Did you buy anything?? I ended up getting the TR dessert plates!

    1. I didn't buy anything for myself, but I'm hoping for a few things for Christmas!


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