Monday, December 17, 2012

Treat Yo Self

I've recently become obsessed with Parks and Recreation thanks to Netflix (yes, I realize I'm a few years late on happens...) and I share Tom and Donna's idea that you should Treat Yo Self at least occasionally.

Familiarize yo self with how you should treat yo self with this little video, and then check out the little ways I sometimes treat myself below.

1. Nail polish: New nail polish is a rare splurge for me. I often check out the selection at Target and Ulta, but rarely do I take the plunge and buy a new bottle. I'm an obsessive polish chipper, so it's easier for me to go unpolished, so getting a new color and then polishing my nails is a super indulgence.

2. Read a book: I love to read, but it often falls to the bottom of my list because it feels so self-indulgent to be absorbed in a book. I have to finish a book once I've started, so I can't just pick up and put down a book at random...I have to read it all at once. But that's what makes it such a treat--I can read a book without feeling guilty or thinking of the million other things I "should" be doing.

3. Pore strips: This is a weird way to treat myself, but I love the way my skin looks after using a pore strip on a patch of less-than-perfect skin. It's a great way to get the gunk out and since you have to let the strip sit until it's dry, it also forces me to slow down and spend those 10-15 minutes on me.

4. Sleeping in late: I love to sleep. I need a ton of sleep, and a lot of times I just don't get as much sleep as I really need to feel 100%. I have class or work or other things that force me to get up early, so being able to roll over and snuggle back into my bed for an extra hour is a perfect treat. Bonus treat-points if it's raining outside!

How do you treat yo self? Are you into big or little treats?

{side note for P&R fans: I totally had a Ron Swanson-approved dinner tonight on accident: pancakes then a little bit of pot roast. That sounds gross, I know, but I used separate plates and spaced them out a bit too...just living my life WWRSD-style.}


  1. I'm the same way with books. I pick one up, fall in love with it and wonder why I ever enjoyed TV or my friends or food haha. My life becomes all about the book.

  2. I love number four - sleeping in (especially on a rainy Sunday) is the best way to recharge. It feels good, AND you can face your to-do list afterwards fully recharged and refreshed!


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