Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vest Dressed

First off, that title is insanely cheesy and I apologize, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity! Now that it is officially freezing in Atlanta, I am so so SO cold all most of the time. I also have a huge hole in my closet for casual, warm outerwear that's also cute. I've been seeing little quilted vests all over the place for the past couple years and have previously dismissed them as something that's just not for me.

However, I was getting dressed the other night to go ice skating, and it wasn't quite cold enough for my peacoat, it wasn't warm enough for just a long-sleeve shirt, and a jacket isn't great for anything where you need to move your arms a lot...which means it was perfect vest weather! I've officially been converted into a vest person and now I just need the perfect one to add to my closet!

I have a few "must have" qualities for my ideal vest: quilted, not too puffy, a bit fitted through the waist, a highish neck/collar, nothing obnoxious on it, no shiny fabric.

A few vesties I have my eye on...

J. Crew Excursion Vest, $120: Everyone has this vest, which makes it less attractive to me, but I do like how understated it is. Plus it's super lightweight so it's warm without being bulky--perfect for layering! I just cannot get over the "fashion blogger" aspect of this one...

Elizabeth McKay Quilted Vest, $271: I love love love the periwinkle trim! The price tag is a bit steep though.

The North Face "Red Blaze" Vest, $99: A bit sportier than other vests, which makes it both more versatile (could wear it hiking or playing with the dog in the park) and less stylish. However, it's under $100 and comes in a lot of colors...

Joules Downham Gilet, $86: The pink zipper on the navy just kills me! So cute but not obnoxious or childish. Fleece-lined for warmth so it'd be extra cozy on freezing days. Plus the lining is striped and you know how I love a stripe!

Joules Milham Quilted Vest, $102: Super minimalist and extremely classic, which I love. I fear it's a bit too thin/lightweight though...

Lilly Pulitzer Kate Puffer Vest, $198: I feel like this vest just needs to be in my closet....I mean, we share a name! It's just a touch on the shiny side for my taste...

So many choices! What do you think?

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  1. Oh gosh! These are all good! The more I see that Excursion vest, the more I feel like I need it. Ugh…


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