Thursday, November 7, 2013

Haute Pink: Splurge vs. Steal

Disclaimer: I am seriously not a fan of knockoffs. I have a whole spiel about why...but that's for another time. Basically, knockoffs = not cool. However, this isn't quite a knockoff...

The other day, I was doing some store research at work and came across the most amazing jacket. This L.A.M.B jacket is awesome. Hot pink leather? Yes. I don't own anything leather other than shoes, and a leather jacket is so not my style, but a hot pink one? I'd totally wear it with a plain white tee, skinnies and loafers. Leather goes preppy.

However, spending over $1k on a jacket, as amazing as it is, just isn't reasonable or even possible right now (or in the next five-ten years, if we're being realistic...) so I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find a very, very similar non-leather version at Gap for a mere fraction of the cost!

 Adding this little happy jacket to my Christmas list ASAP...and the L.A.M.B version to my dream list!

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