Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Colors

When my friend Caryl was in town last week, we just had to seize the moment and take a few outfit pictures together! Unfortunately, Friday was gray and rainy, so you're not able to see the full fall beauty of Atlanta, but I hope you enjoy my very first outfit post on the blog! I was totally unsure about how to pose myself and everything, so to my overly-critical eye, I look totally awkward...please be kind :)

gray tee: Target (similar)//green sweater: Tahari (similar)//brown sweater: J. Crew (similar)
jeans: J Brand (similar)//boots: Geox (similar)//purse: Longchamp
earrings: Francesca's

ring: Kate Spade//nail polish: 'Pat On The Black'

You might be wondering why I'm wearing two sweaters...because I'm a baby about cold and it was cold and rainy. Not pictured: my coral rain jacket and the cashmere handwarmers I wore in the car.

I alternate between thinking the brown sweater is totally amazing and totally's definitely a comfort piece. Oversized and chunky, it's more like a sweater-coat than an actual sweater. It's J. Crew from a few years ago and I wear it far more than is probably acceptable.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing me for the first time! I'm hoping to do more outfit posts in the future so I can get a little more comfortable posing in front of the camera!


  1. These are great photos and it looks like a beautiful trail. And I'm with you, posing for photos is painfully awkward to me, and really makes me appreciate those who can do it and make it look natural! And by the way, you look adorable and not awkward at all. :)

    On the Daily Express

  2. You're a natural, lady! I love these so so much!!
    Still so happy for our meet up!

  3. very cute pictures!!! you wouldn't know this was the first photo shoot.

  4. nice outfit, love your boots!

  5. Love it all, especially the sweater! And you don't look awkward at all! :) looking forward to more outfit posts


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