Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chaos = The New Normal

Y'all. My life has been completely chaotic since I've been in Atlanta. At this point, I'm so beyond ready to be settled into a normal routine, I can't even express how exciting that sounds. A boring daily routine sounds perfect.

A quick recap of what feels like a month but has really only been about a week...

Last Wednesday, my mom and I left for Atlanta. We ended up driving to Montgomery that day, crashed for the night, and drove the last few hours to Atlanta on Thursday. Once there, we toured a billion apartments (some horrifyingly bad, some overwhelmingly awesome and expensive, and one that was just perfect). The perfect apartment was available right that second, and while I deliberated, someone else snapped it up. So we spent Friday touring more apartments and ended up going back to the perfect complex and seeing what else they had available ASAP. Long story short: I got an apartment there that I'm SO excited to move into and decorate and share!

I started work on Monday and it's been totally chaotic over there as well. The company I'm working for is currently based in Athens, Georgia but they're in the process of relocating to Atlanta while also opening a second branch of the store in Atlanta as well as keeping the Athens store/company open (it's hard to explain). The ATL office/store aren't quite done yet, and the storefront won't be done for quite a while, so a pop-up location is currently being worked on. We've been working out of Starbucks and/or the Athens office for the past few days and communicating with everyone in the different locations by gChat and email. I'm still figuring out my role, they're still figuring out my role, everyone is all over the place...basically it's insanity.

However, as chaotic as all of that sounds (and is), I'm really loving this new chapter. I'm excited to finally move into my apartment and start finding furniture so I don't have to sleep on an air mattress for forever, I'm excited to nail down my responsibilities and get comfortable and situated at work. I'm definitely learning how to be flexible and open to change, since that's not one of my strong suits at all.

What have y'all been up to???

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