Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Kate Likes: Weekend Edition

Kate likes...

bacon fried until it's so crispy it melts in your mouth (seriously, try it)

staying in pajamas all day...working on homework

cheering on the Auburn Tigers...even when they lose

watching tons and tons of Netflix (documentaries, TV shows, movies...I love it all)

not having anything to do, nowhere to go, and no demands on my time

the satisfaction of having a perfectly clean apartment in preparation for the week ahead

freshly washed sheets and comfy cozy

waking up with the sun instead of an alarm

lying in bed watching Food Network

squeezing a run in, as a break from endless schoolwork

I had a relatively low-key weekend, full of productivity and also a bit of relaxation. Somehow, the weekends seem to stretch on forever, something for which I am very grateful, due to my jam-packed school schedule. I hope you all had beautiful weekends too!

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