Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Kate Likes: Stationery

I am a stationery addict. I love buying new notecard sets and writing little notes to people so they can get them in the mail. I even really love writing thank you notes (for anything) because I get to use some of my extensive stationery collection. It's just so classy and old-school to send a little handwritten note. Plus, who doesn't love getting letters in the mail?

I think everyone should have at least one set of stationery in their possession. Whether it's flat cards, folded cards or actual sheets, you need a set of something you like and that expresses your personality. I personally prefer flat or folded cards, but only because I haven't found the right paper.

Here are some of my favorite picks for stationery:

1. Kate Spade 'From Me to You' cards: I love Kate Spade's notecards. They're made of luxuriously thick paper that looks great with gel or liquid ink pens. They're also a great size--large enough to accommodate longer notes, but not so big that you feel forced to fill up the entire space.They're always super cute whimsical designs too. These are my personal favorite!

2. Mara-Mi Ornate foldover cards: These are SO cute! Preppy without being childish, they're perfect for writing a quick thank-you or hello. I love the pink/navy combo. They're also available at Target and super affordable, which is great if you go through stationery as quickly as I do.

3. Mara-Mi Lemon cards: I have these, and they are so cute in person. The detailing on the edge of the envelope flap looks so expensive and impressive. These are my "interview thank you" notes because they're fun without being childish or too young, and are affordable enough so I can send tons of them out.

4. Nico and Lala Mod Monogram cards: Once I use up a set of my current card collection, these are my next purchase. I love monogrammed things, and these are just the right combination of classic and modern. I cannot wait for these and may just order them to add to the collection right away!

5. Emily Ley Striped note cards: These are just so cute and fun. Perfect for gift thank yous, or just a little note to say hello. Plus they're monogrammed! The pool/pink combo is my personal favorite color combination, but the pink/orange is equally adorable.

6. Jonathan Adler Destination Letterpressed cards: These are just so happy. I love the cute color combination and the fact that they're summery. These would put me in such a good mood every time I saw them! I'm also a huge sucker for letterpressed anything, so these are a done deal.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite stationery? I had such a hard time narrowing down the selection...there's way too many good sets out there!

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