Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Starting out

Hello! I'm Kate. I'm 23 and currently in that weird life stage between college and "the real world". This blog is a way of working through the weirdness and problems, a place where I can share what I like and what inspires me, and connect and share with others who are in the same boat.

Since I am a fashion major and fashion lover, a lot of my posts will be fashion-related, but in a realistic way. Obviously, I would love to have the cash to spend on new pieces 24/7, but since I am (currently!) an unemployed student, that's just not going to happen...so instead I'll focus on remixing what I already have as well as what a 20-something should invest in vs. what you should save on. I'm also trying to upgrade my daily outfit choices from Nike shorts and t-shirts to real world-appropriate outfits without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to fashion, I want to tackle the tough stuff like anxiety whilst job searching (this is HUGE for me right now...), budgeting, furnishing an apartment on a super strict budget, and whatever else I'm currently dealing with and think others could benefit from.

I'm excited to figure life out...won't you join me?

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