Monday, October 29, 2012

What Kate Likes: Clothes for Cold Days

It got cold in Alabama over the weekend. Like, really cold, really fast. I'm talking 70s on Friday, then down to the 50s by Sunday and it was 39 degrees when I woke up this morning. Brrrrr. I like cold weather and all, but I like to ease into it, rather than jump into it feet first.

Anyway, since I'm now having to face the reality of dressing for cold weather, I thought I'd do a post or two about what I wish I was wearing right this second and what I'm currently wearing.

Sometimes I am a J. Crew clone. It happens. And that's not my exact watch, just a very close approximation. Mine is MK from last Christmas, so it's not online anymore. Not an exceedingly creative or innovative outfit, but cozy and comfy.

YES, please. The ultimate luxury! Especially if you're not going anywhere and can laze around the house all day. #perfectday

Stay warm, friends!

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