Monday, December 16, 2013

Chocolate & Peppermint

**Apologies for being AWOL over here...things are hectic at work, I've been dealing with some relationship drama, and basically just haven't been in a blogging mood. Sorry!**

There isn't much I love more than the combination of chocolate and peppermint. Thankfully, the holiday season is the season of pepperminty goodness, so I'm in heaven right now.While I personally think peppermint treats are just great year-round, they're especially great for holiday gifting--festive AND yummy!

Here's a few peppermint/chocolate treats that I'm dying to make and eat...

Peppermint Patty Brownies--How Sweet Eats: you could so easily make this a bit more festive by tinting the white mint layer with food coloring...or just make as-is. These sound phenomenal.

Homemade Oreos--My Kitchen Addiction: So these aren't pepperminty, but you could sub peppermint extract for the vanilla extract in the filling and make homemade peppermint Oreos! Yummmm.

Peppermint Crunch Truffles--Bakers Royale: Three ingredients so you (and I) have no excuses for not making these.

Peppermint Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Affogato--A Couple Cooks: Oh man...this looks and sounds amazing. I'd probably double the mintyness by using peppermint hot chocolate, but you could do this in so many ways: caramel ice cream w/ plain hot chocolate, coffee ice cream w/ caramel hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream w/ cherry or caramel hot chocolate...the list is never-ending.

Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundaes--Martha Stewart: Peppermint. Hot. Fudge. I'll just take a jar of that and eat it plain, thanks.

Chocolate-Peppermint Cake--Martha Stewart: Said to be rich, fudgy and brownie-like...which are all good things and exactly how I like my chocolate cake.

Homemade Peppermint Patties--Oh Nuts Blog: SUPER easy. Yum.

Also on the list: Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Private Selection Mint Hot Chocolate, and York Peppermint Patties (of course!). Mmmm!

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