Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Black & White

Normally I love color, but winter makes me crave neutrals, specifically black and white. I cannot tell you how many days I've gotten dressed without thinking and have put on an outfit consisting solely of all black, all gray or a mix of the two punctuated by a white tee. How boring, right?

In order to spice up my boring monochromatic winter preferences, here are a few black and white pieces that would be both fun and interesting...

Zara Two-Tone Bucket Bag: This would be such a fun interest piece with an all black outfit!

Anthropologie Rococo Tee--I'm obsessed with the detailed pattern of this top, the fact that the look can totally change depending on what color tank you wear underneath, and the price (under $100, when it looks far more expensive!)

Ruche Manor House Coat--So crisp, so clean, so tailored. I love collarless, ladylike coats.

Ruche Rightly So Striped Skirt--Anthro had a skirt similar to this a while back that I loved but never bought...this is a lookalike for a fraction of the cost! This Annie Griffin skirt is very similar as well!

J Crew Tipped Boy Shirt--Not the first time I've mentioned this top because I just love it.

J Crew Diamond-Print Minnie Pant--Perfect with a black sweater and black boots, a white tee and black ballet flats, a brightly colored top and sparkly shoes...

 Anthropologie Marrakesh Booties--Definitely a bit out of my comfort zone and a little crazy...but I love them! With black Pixie pants and a crisp white tunic they'd be super cute. Also available in a smoking slipper that's a bit more of my normal style :)

What do you think? I used to think black + white together was too much of a harsh contrast, but now I love how crisp it is...


  1. That coat! Wow it's amazing! I'm also wiping up drool from that patterned Anthro top. It's beautiful!

  2. That Anthro tee.... Whoa. I LOVE.
    I'd like to add this to your B+W obsession list. Or at least acknowledge that I'm obsessed with it.


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