Friday, December 27, 2013


I've recently totally upgraded my hair-care regimen. I almost always use drugstore shampoo, conditioner and styling products, but after getting my hair cut at Bumble&bumble salons a few times and always having amazing hair afterwards, I decided to invest in some new products.

My hair is very thin, very fine, and very silky. It has pretty much no natural texture except sleek, but I'm prone to frizz and static (especially in the winter). I don't want to say this is the best my hair has ever looked...but right now it's looking pretty great. Shiny and healthy and less frizz than ever!

A few of my favorites:

prep. styling mist: this is a definite must-have for me. My hair is very prone to tangles, even after conditioner, so this serves as a detangler and "base" for styling. It's also incredibly lightweight so it feels like I don't have anything in my hair...except my hair is softer and smoother. It's basically like having your best hair ever. Obsessed.

thickening hairspray: another must-have. I spray this liberally on my roots before I blow-dry and it gives my hair just enough body. Not "big hair" by any means, but naturally fuller-looking hair. It also gives my hair the teensiest bit of grip, which is good when I want to pull pieces back with bobby pins--they don't fall out!

hairdresser's invisible oil: like I said before, my hair is incredibly prone to static. In order to combat this, I run just a touch (about a dot the size of a pencil eraser) through my ends which helps a lot. My only con with this oil is it's a verrrrrry thin line between just enough oil to keep static away and so much oil my hair looks greasy. However, I've found that a few shots of dry shampoo are helpful if that happens!

surf spray: if I want texture, this is what I go for. It makes my hair a bit clumpy, so I don't like to use it if I'm wearing my hair down and straight, but it's perfect for an updo or a braid or anything where I need a lot of grip.

I know these products are on the pricey side, but in my experience, I'm far happier with these than anything cheaper that I've tried. I also get the Bb emails so I try to time my orders when they have a good sample-with-purchase offer or free shipping to get more bang for my buck. The products do last a long time though!

This and this are on my to-try list!

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  1. I asked for some of the B&B thickening mousse for Christmas after your last post about the thickening products and I LOVE it. My hair is also super fine and thin and if I didn't dye it I literally would not be able to do anything with it as it just slides around. I am totally going to give some of these other products a try now! :)


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