Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lilly Loving: Spring 2014

Atlanta is currently experiencing a snowpocalypse (2" of snow, iced-over roads, highways completely shut down, etc), so while I'm loving looking at the winter wonderland outside my window, I'm also totally ready for spring.

THANKFULLY, the peeps over at Lilly released their new spring collection yesterday. If I can't be wearing spring clothes, at least I can be shopping for them, right?

A few favorites...

Briella Fit and Flare Dress, Southern Charm print: ob-sessed with this print. So delicate and springy...perfect for bridal showers, Easter or baby showers!

Delia Shift Dress, Fountain Hopping print: I have a dress like this that I've worn almost to death...I'm thinking it's time I replace it with this little number. I love how unusual and different the print is!

Yvette Wrap Dress, Iris Blue Chablis print: what could possibly be more perfect for spring than a lily-printed dress in the prettiest shades of blue and aqua? The pink print is cute too...

Iona Shell, Fountain Hopping print: the same fabulous print as the dress a bit higher up the page, only cut in a more versatile shell. I swear by silk shells/tops for everything, so this one is definitely a Must.

Colby Pintuck Top: Pastel shades of silk with gold metallic "dots"? Yes please!

Are you ready for spring yet??


  1. I'm usually not a HUGE preppy girl, but these Lilly dresses are fabulous. Loving the floral and attention to detail. Girl you always got the best going on!

    Xoxo- Larz

  2. You make me want spring to come even more than I already did! Can't wait to wear Lilly again and even though I reaaalllyy can't justify buying one of these dresses I'm probably going to anyway! Hope everything is going well with you--I'm binging on all your posts I've missed! :)


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