Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I read this article the other night around 2am, and it's really stuck with me. I find that "classy" is SO overused in today's culture that it's pretty much lost its actual meaning. Call me a snob, but every time someone tells me that whatever I'm doing/wearing/reading/eating/whatevering is classy, I cringe and immediately dislike/stop whatever it is. Maybe it's because I truly do use the word classy in an ironic way, maybe it's because I'm just snobby, but I don't think "being classy" is a compliment.

I really only use the word classy when I mean it's really, really not. A drunk girl throwing herself at a guy in a relationship? Classy. Skirt so short you can see cheek? Classy.

I would much rather be described as sophisticated, elegant, refined, cultured, in good taste, classic, edited, curated, put-together...

As the article states, there are so many better adjectives you can use to describe things that you really like and that you consider high-class...let's use them :)


  1. I've heard before that using the word is decidedly un-classy, and for a while I stopped using it and noticed it EVERYWHERE. But recently I've slipped back into it, mostly because I really don't feel as though the idea of "class", as it is used to mean from money or a certain background, applies very much in my life. There are certain things that I value that often relate to the idea of having taste, or etiquette or class, but don't always mean the same thing to others. And also because I really can never fault anyone for giving me a compliment! I think it does really depend on where you think the sentiment is coming from, whether is is genuine, or bourne out of jealousy or even ignorance...if that makes sense!

    Glad to see you are blogging again! :) I love discussions like these!


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