Monday, January 20, 2014


You may have noticed that things have been very, very quiet over here. There's a few reasons, but the main one is that I'd been growing steadily more disenchanted with the blog world and just needed to take a break.

I feel like the blog world in general has gotten out of control. Everyone is a "fashion blogger" now, everyone is finding that perfect bar cart to put in their living room, every post is sponsored by a different's just become too much.

I feel like I don't fit into any of the "traditional" blog categories. I don't post a million pictures of myself wearing the latest trends or my daily outfits. I don't post amazing, mouthwatering recipes on a daily basis. I don't post endless sentences about my fairly boring weekends. I don't post stunningly well-lit pictures of my perfectly decorated apartment. I post about each of these things a teeny bit, but in general my posts are about...whatever. Except I promise to never be one of those people who writes in excruciating detail about their very ordinary weekends and then follows it up with a million bad pictures...because I promise you, my weekends of work, Netflix and cat snuggles are already documented enough on Instagram.

I love having that freedom, and it's what I wanted when I originally started my blog, but for a while I just felt very directionless and blah. It's hard to write happy-sounding things here when I'm not particularly happy with my life outside the blog. I don't like reading those blogs where everything seems sparkly-perfect all the time and no sort of realism is touched on, but on the other hand, blogs where people address every single part of their life annoy me too. I didn't want to become either of those I just stopped.

However, I feel like lately other bloggers have been feeling the same sorts of things I was and have started a mini-movement to make things more realistic...which I'm feeling better about. I've missed my little blog and connecting with people, but I also want to maintain a good blog-life-work balance too. I think I'm going to scale back posts to every few days or every other day. Quality over quantity, you know?

I don't even know if this whole post makes a lot of sense, I just have a lot of thoughts that are floating around in my head...thanks for reading if you've stuck with it this far :)


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  1. I feel ya, girl, I feel ya! Just do 'you' and remember why you started a blog in the first place. For me, it was to be a space to share things that I find interesting and thoughts I have. You could have a million followers, but if you don't stay true to whatever you started it from, it'll feel even more shallow. Tough waters to navigate, I know. I know you'll keep your chin up :)


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