Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vineyard Vines x Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is an organization that's near and dear to my heart. My sorority's national philanthropy is Autism Speaks, and we also did (and still do) lots of work with the local autism community in Auburn. Autism is becoming overwhelmingly prevalent in America and there's so much less funding and awareness of autism-spectrum disorders than other disorders. Many people think that autism only affects the individual diagnosed, but the disorder has such an effect on family members as well. The show Parenthood does a really good job of illustrating the difficulties and frustrations of living with an autistic child.

What does that have to do with Vineyard Vines, do you ask? Well, Vineyard Vines partners with a charity each month and creates special limited-edition items for each charity. The proceeds from the sales of these items are then donated to the charity and go towards making a difference.

I am so proud of VV for partnering with Autism Speaks for the month of April. The Autism Speaks tote bag is totally adorable and is a subtle but effective way of supporting a very worthwhile charity. I want one of these for myself!

There's also a great tie for your dad, brother, boyfriend, fiance or any other man in your life. The tie comes in yellow too, if blue isn't your guy's color.

Happy shopping! It's for a good cause, so it's totally fine ;)

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  1. I had no idea VV was doing this! Such a great cause and so proud they're partnering together.


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