Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 I can't even handle this.

Ryan Lochte. So much potential in that face of his, until he opens his mouth (see here). I can't imagine who at E! thought it was a great idea to give this guy his own show, even if he is incredibly attractive.


What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premiered the other night and while I didn't watch it, this clip hits the highlights, as it were. From his "fashion" dreams to the Lochterage, there's so much he just doesn't get. I find him totally hilarious and the tiniest bit endearing. I think that WWRLD? is definitely going to be my new feel-good television show based purely on this recap by Vulture.


Did you watch Ryan Lochte's show? Would you watch Ryan's show or do you just prefer to stare at pictures?

Was this a shameless way to just post Ryan Lochte pictures? Of course. (you're welcome)


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