Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler

Did you know Jonathan Adler did a diffusion line for JC Penney? Because I sure didn't, until I randomly saw an ad for it online. I've shopped at JC Penney approximately 4 times in my entire life, but their whole rebranding is turning out some cute things! They also seem like they're trying to capitalize on Target's designer collab success, which I really don't blame them for because I shop at Target approximately 4 times a week and if I was a retailer I'd want to be like Target too.

Anyway. JA for JCP. Totally cute stuff. Some of it is a little too retro for me, but a lot of it is very versatile and would easily work with any style. I wish prices were a bit more in the affordable range, but I bet you can snag a great deal on sale.

Crescent Heights desk, $1,345: Such a basic desk, but it could work in any space, right? It's small enough to work in an apartment or small office but a bit more stylish than just a plain desk. I love the fact that it comes in such bright colors too...while white would be my first choice, I'm loving the gray or red finishes too!

Elizabeth Bubble Vase, $35: This vase is so springy and would be perfect on the desk above with bright pink tulips or white roses in it. Perfect for adding a little pop of color to an end table or a desk.

Lola Solid Duvet Cover, $110-170: This duvet also comes in a bunch of other colors, but I think that this taupey gray shade is actually really pretty and really sophisticated. You could mix in other colors like coral and turquoise and still have a sophisticated, modern bedroom without looking childish. That ribbon/fret detailing is super chic too!

Crescent Heights Linen Bed, $2,375: This is possibly my dream bed. I love upholstered beds, nail heads and dramatically arched headboards, so all of this combined in one bed? Perfection. I think I like the white better than the navy but both are equally preppy and beautiful.

Elizabeth Greek Key Serving Bowl, $42: A chic way to serve anything. This bowl would really go with practically any style of dishes. I love the Greek key detail since it keeps the bowl from being boring.

There's a lot of reasonably-priced frames and candles available as well that would be really great for gift-giving! I definitely think "Happy Chic" is the perfect name for the line since it's all happy and chic. I think I'll have to stop in to see what I think in real life vs. online, so hopefully things measure up to their potential!

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