Sunday, April 7, 2013

Real Talk: Organ Donation

I know, not the most glamorous subject for a post, but very important. I read this post on Sheridan French's blog while just bouncing around the Internet, and while I'm uncomfortable thinking about my death, I have now signed up for organ donation. It's something that's been on my 'to-do list' for a while, and this was the post that made me just do it.

I'll admit, I am super uncomfortable thinking about organ donation, but I think the benefits for far outweigh my temporary mental discomfort with the idea right now. Through the Texas registration, you can specify which organs you want to donate and if you want them donated to research or not, if they're not able to make a living match. I assume that other states are the same way.

I know a lot of you readers are Canadian, and I don't know anything about Canada's healthcare system, but I'm sure there's a way to register for organ donation in Canada. If you're American, you can go here and read about how to register. I suggest reading all the FAQs here before registering.

(If the thought of saving a life isn't enough of a reason to sign up for donation, is a $50 Sheridan French gift card enough? Check out Sheridan's blog post for more details!)

Total transparency: I totally keep forgetting that organ donation is after death...and that's where I'm leaving that. My organs will not matter to me after I'm dead and if they can help someone in need, that's much more important.

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  1. Great post! We donated my father's organs after he passed away from a car accident -- he saved 7 (!) lives with his donation. It's a great thing to register for, especially with the long, long wait list for vital organs. xoxox


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